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What is CBWT?

CampBikeWineTour, or CBWT, is an annual trip to Himrod, New York where a group of friends (and strangers!) embark on a weekend of camping, biking and wine tasting around the beautiful Seneca Lake

When is it?

Every year during the first weekend in August. The trip is centered around the Garlic Festival at Fox Run Vineyards, so the dates always change. The trip usually runs from a Thursday to Monday but the important day is Saturday, the wine tasting and biking day

Where is it?

We travel to the beautiful Seneca Lake in upstate New York. Seneca Lake is part of the Finger Lakes, a series of lakes parallel to each other that form the shape of a hand. The bike tour starts at Fox Run Vineyards and ends at Miles Wine Cellars

Tour Activities

The Camp Sites

We usually rent out a few sites depending on the amount of attendees, but each individual camp site comes with a picnic table and a tire rim for burning wood. The grounds themselves provide wood and ice for a small fee as well as showers and restrooms that are cleaned daily. There is ample tree canopies for shade and the sites sit only a moment from the lake

Seneca Lake

The lake rests at the bottom of the camp sites and gives unfettered access to the 37 mile long lake. Because the lake is so large we dont suggest straying too far from the shore as you may not recognize the camp from far away. There are kayaks to rent for an additional fee, and there are some boat rentals facilities further away that have full-day and half-day rental service


While the biking day is saturday, please feel free to ride your bike whenever you please, although the camp is at the bottom of a steep hill (The bikes are brought to the furthest point via vehicle on bike day). The roads are mostly straight with a variety of inclines and declines. The roads are not heavily trafficed but do be safe and aware of your surroundings

Wine Tasting (and one brewery)

The road on which the camp sites sit have numerous amounts of wineries spaced out along the way. Some are a few miles apart and others just a short ride. During the biking tour we stop at most wineries and partake in wine tasting as a group though sometimes the group is staggered. The price varies but the average is about $4 per tasting which usually comes with about 5-6 wines to taste. Feel free to buy bottles of wine along the way. Some people bring backpacks hold additional bottles along the ride

The Garlic Festival

The Garlic Festival is the final large activity of the weekend, it is also how the trip is annually scheduled. For us, it begins Sunday afternoon where traditionally those that are leaving for the weekend finally dispatch after having one final celebratory group outing. The festival has free entrance and takes place at the initial winery that we visit on Saturday, Fox Run Vineyards. It houses dozens of vendors, food tents and live music. Of course, if you still want some wine, the winery itself is open that day as well


Thursday - Arrival
Friday - Lake Activities
Saturday - Biking / Tasting
Sunday - Garlic Festival
Monday - Departure

Past Photos

Disclaimer / Warnings

Physical Risks

The tour takes place at the start of the typically hottest month of the year, so prepare for heat and sweat. The biking tour can be greuling on the body, especially when using a bicycle that is not well fitted for your body, so keep in mind any physical limitations. Heat and physical stress mixed with alcohol consumption can be dangerous, SO PACE YOURSELF. CBWT is not a competition - there is no winner's medal

Drug / Alcohol / Condition Interactions

You could ingest an amount of alcohol that can interact with your medications and / or physical conditions. If you are unsure about the impact of the factors speak with your doctor for any further recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the camp sites like?

You can find more information about the Back-Achers Campsite at their website. Below you can see an outlined map of the camp area:

Area map of backachers campgrounds

How far are the nearest towns?

The closest town to the camp is Penn Yan which is roughly 10 miles North/North-West. Watkins Glen is about 20 miles South

What other attractions are in the area?

At Watkins Glen is the Watkins Glen International where different events are held through the weekend

How far is the bike ride?

The biking tour is roughly 12 miles in length, with periodic stops at wineries about every 1.5 miles. Below is an outlinned trail of all the stops:

How long does the biking take?

About 6 hours. The wineries close at 5PM so the tour tries to reach the final winery by 4:30PM

Can I exclude myself from activities?

You certainly can, but be sure to bring something to entertain yourself for the times where you may be alone

Can I bring my pet?

It is not recommended that you bring your pet with you for extended hours/overnight camping

Can I rent a bike?

Yes, though it is suggested you bring your own bicycle, you can find different rental locations here

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